What we do

First and foremost, we are farmers.

Together, we own and operate Rocker 7 Farms, a nearly 700 acre (for now) diversified production agriculture operation. We specialize in growing and marketing alfalfa hay on the wholesale level, mainly to large equestrian centers and retail feed stores, with the occasional cattle ranch thrown in the mix.

To satisfy crop rotation, manage risk and capitalize on fair commodity prices, we also grow cotton, wheat, barley and sunflowers. We have grown sorghum and sudan grass, but not in the last couple of years.

This is our fourth year of operation, and an exciting one for everyone in agriculture. Regardless of the impression some of our stories of farm work and “disaster days” might have, we both love what we do, and enjoy getting to do it together (most days).

A side venture we partake in, mainly because we both enjoy it, is Rocker 7 Ranches. We have a small herd of cows, most of which Brandon has bred and raised at this point, to produce show steers for local youth, and a few registered Brahmans to keep in the pasture. We both showed Brahman heifers growing up (one of many little coincidences we found while we were dating), and can’t imagine not keeping a few of them around.


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