Maybe Jesus forgot

by Katie on May 9, 2017

First of all, I know Jesus didn’t forget anything. But you’ll see why there could be no other title.

So, unfortunately, the past couple months have found us in the thick of yet another battle in the long, long war that is parenting a “spirited” child. I say “unfortunately” because above all else, we are really trying to teach kindness in our house. If there is nothing else my kids grow up to do other than loving God and people well, I will be a happy woman.

Anyway, recently, we seem to be failing at this whole kindness thing.

We’ve had some reports from school of not treating classmates well, and a few incidents at our house with some not-so-ideal behavior toward friends who were over to play. In the past week, we received an “incident report” from daycare and a verbal report of a destroyed lego tower and look of fury from preschool.

A few weeks ago, in the middle of all this, I was having a little pep talk with her before we had some friends over, in attempt to ensure we showed kindness to everyone.

She asked, “But what if I forget to not hit my friends?”

“Well, Baby, that’s just not really something we forget. It’s something that’s in your heart to be kind to people.”

“But Mama? Maybe Jesus forgot to put it in my heart?”

[Let’s just all pause here reflecting on how I had to bow my head and bite my lip in attempt at maintaining composure in that moment.]

I mean, seriously. How does a parent see that one coming and have any kind of response ready for it?

I know I mumbled through a bunch of things, chief among them how Jesus doesn’t “forget” anything, and then I retreated from her room, where I lost all that composure when rehashing the scene for Brandon.

So, here’s to hoping we’re in yet another phase of channeling some of the spirit in our spirited girl for good, and we kick this trend of not showing kindness to everyone real quick.

This whole shaping the character and molding the heart thing is no joke, y’all.


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