Pretty little liar

by Katie on April 18, 2017

So really, this picture right here speaks for itself…

But we are firmly in the throes of the phase of parenthood that include a lot more character development and a little less wiping things. [With this kid, anyway. Not so much for her brother.]

As evidenced above, we only feel mildly successful most days. 

By the way, weeks later from this incident, she has now voiced her speculation that this “may be chapstick,” but she’s not really sure. And is still firm on not knowing how chapstick may have gotten all over her window. 

Our favorite phrase around the house right now? “Maybe Bowen did it.” Right…that one may work in a few years, Sister, but it’s a pretty big stretch right now. 

Anyway, we could use some prayer around here to make sure we raise a decent human being with a good moral compass. Because it’s looking a little dicey at the moment. 

This parenting gig is not for the faint of heart. 

[Please take this with a good bit of tongue-in-cheek. We know there’s plenty of sweetness bottled up in our feisty girl.]


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