I’ll take a baler with that

by Katie on March 3, 2017

So, March 1st was, sadly, tax day for us. About 11am, Brandon ended up in the office, and I reminded him (for maybe the 5th time since the afternoon before) we had to go to our accountant’s office to sign away our soul with a big check before the day was over.

Of course, I got the – well, can you drop everything you’re doing right this second and go now because that works for me. And I did. But, we mistakenly made the decision to ride together for this little adventure. I say mistakenly because, while he rolled his eyes at my request to let me run in the post office on the way back – which is literally unavoidable on the route to/from our accountant’s office, I had to accompany him on a trip to Sonic, then all the way back across town to an equipment dealer because he forgot he needed to go there when we were on that side of town. That seven minutes to sign a bunch of paper turned into more than an hour away from my work. Such is life with Brandon Leister.

Anyway, I waited in the truck when he went in at the equipment shop, because he was simply walking in to pick up something he had already ordered that was waiting at the counter.

Or so I thought…

“Well, I went in there to pick up a moisture meter I exchanged, and walked out with that and a $45,000 baler.”

“Are you being serious right now?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Really? Like, you just walked in there, and said, ‘I’ll take a baler with that’?”

“Pretty much…”

This was all very puzzling to me, because I did not even know we were in the market for a new baler, and typically, my husband is the kind of person who spends a lot of time on purchases like this:  searching for exactly what he wants, with just the right amount of use under its belt, at just the right price.

Turns out, there was a little more to story:  it was a baler he had previously inquired on, then lost his contact on it, and it had just happened to end up on this particular salesman’s used equipment list.

But still. He had literally walked in that door with nothing more than the intent to exchange a moisture meter (very small – but critical – tool) and walked out with a new hay baler (large fixed asset).

I may have to keep a closer eye on those company credit cards of his…


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