A Christmas wish 

by Katie on February 10, 2017

So, we try to take a fairly minimal approach to Christmas gifts around here, and highlight all the other magic and magnitude of the season.

This year, we felt like this really paid off when Leyton began sharing her Christmas wish list with friends, family and strangers (as she does).

When people would pass us in the store, or friends would start up conversations at gatherings, she would respond to the standard Christmas wish question with the following:

“A Moana dress, a Moana doll…” (She saw the Moana movie in the theater with my parents during Thanksgiving, so it was quite fresh during the Christmas season.) For these things, people would nod along.

And then she rounded out her list with this:

“And a trash can for my room.” Which gave every person she told a puzzled expression, followed by lots of laughter. Understandably. Because what nearly-four-year-old has a trash can on their Christmas list!? Or has parents who wouldn’t just buy her a trash can for her room!? To be fair (to us), she never really asked for a trash can for her room until Christmas lists came up. So it’s not like this was something she had been pining for and we had deprived her of such a luxury.

And y’all. We had no clue why she felt the need to have a trash can in her bedroom. We don’t allow food in the bedrooms or living room (carpeted areas). So I’m really not sure what she had to throw away so often that it was just too much trouble to take it to our main trash in the kitchen, a mere 20 feet from her bedroom door. But apparently, she was very put out by this whole trash can setup in our home, and longed to have her own.

So, like the mediocre parents we obviously are to have a kid place a trash can on her Christmas list, we of course made certain Santa delivered said trash can come Christmas morning. Which she promptly hauled to her room to put it in its rightful place.

And every piece of trash that day? Went in the trash can in her room. Even if we were in the kitchen, closer to the big trash can.

Bottom line:  we made Christmas morning by purchasing a $5 trash can. That’s a parenting win if I ever heard of one.


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