Can I be Leyton for a minute?

by Katie on October 28, 2016

“Can I be Leyton for a minute?”

That sentence right there pretty much sums up life with our girl right now. We are basically all just supporting cast in the theatrical performance that is her life.

She often wakes up in character. As she sits up in bed, she sways her head around and says, “Isn’t my long, black hair beautiful?” And whispers, “I’m Jasmine right now.”

And she proceeds to morph into different characters, usually working her way through the Disney princess line, throughout the day, assigning us roles to match each character. More often than not, Brandon is the prince, I am the villain, and Bowen is a sidekick. Which I feel like is a pretty good indicator of what she feels like the roles are within our family.

But our favorite part?

When she is deep in the role of a character, but something comes up that makes her want to be back in “real life”, if only for a moment.

She comes to us and says, “Can I be Leyton for a minute?”

And proceeds to ask for a drink or something. A couple weeks ago, she fell while she was Ariel, and came to her room to ask Brandon, “Can I be Leyton for a minute? And you be Daddy?” because she needed some comfort.

It is both hysterical and heartwarming, all at once.

And we’re kind of searching for some sort of children’s theater to participate in, because the theatrical performances in our house are out of control.


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