The yellow brick road

by Katie on September 15, 2016

A couple weeks ago, Leyton watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time with Brandon’s parents. And she’s been obsessed ever since. 

Obsessed, y’all. 

The assigned roles typically include Leyton starring as Dorothy (of course), Daddy is the lion, Mama is mostly Auntie M, but occasionally the witch, and Brother is Toto. 

The Wizard of Oz took an ugly turn Friday night though. I took the kids and Uncle Jake to an early supper at Cracker Barrel, then we met Brandon at home just after he got in from work. 

As we were all spilling out of the car, Leyton asked if she could play outside. It’s pretty common for her to play in the front yard, where I can peek out at her, by herself for a bit. 

The rest of us made our way inside and Brandon asked about Leyton. “She’s playing outside for a few minutes,” I called over my shoulder. No more than two minutes later, he passed by a window and didn’t see her. “Are you sure?” I asked. “She stays right by the porch.”

He was sure. So he ventured outside to check the playhouse. 

She wasn’t there. With a hint of panic, he hollered in the door that he couldn’t see her and she wasn’t in the playhouse. Now, due to some other recent harrowing events around here, let’s just say mama lost her marbles. 

I grabbed the baby, and we all ran outside, frantically calling for her. Brandon ran across the street and checked in the irrigation ditch, even though she’s never gone close to our road.

Finally, he looked up and could see her pink shirt. At the very end of the quarter-mile lane that runs the western border of our property. “I see her!” He said. 

And Mama pretty much crumpled into a blubbering heap right in the middle of our rock driveway, baby and all, as he headed out to get her. (Like I said, we’ve had some other traumatic things going on recently, and this little incident proved to be my emotional breaking point.)

When I composed myself and we both reached her, she looked at us and said, “I was Dorothy and I was just going down the yellow brick road.” 

What do you even say to that!? 

Anyway, all is well that ends well. And we had a chat about going to see the wiZard, the wonderful wizard of Oz, without the lion, Toto or witch in tow. 


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