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by Katie on August 3, 2016

Y’all, really. I don’t even know where to begin. I do have a funny (well, to us, who knows if anyone will agree) Leyton story in the idea bank, but other than that, there’s no way to “catch up” on all the life we’ve been living – and not documenting.

I guess since Leyton had quite a few “update” posts as she grew, and Bowen is nearly seven months without a single one (Oops, #secondchild), I can share that we really do have the sweetest boy alive. I think you have to experience two newborns/babies to realize just how early you can see glimpses of personality. Spoiler alert:  it’s early.

We said lots (LOTS) of prayers for Bowen to be a little more “laid back” (i.e., not as intense about every.single.thing.) than his sister. And he is. He is the happiest, sweetest little guy, who really does just roll with everything with the biggest, brightest smile.

That’s not to say we haven’t had a dose of “baby challenges” with him (that may or may not have threatened to send this mama to the looney bin a time or two), but they weren’t his fault and had nothing to do with his temperament – if anything, his sweet little personality is the only thing that made the trying days bearable. Right now, we’re in a little “sweet spot” with those challenges and the fog is lifting a little bit into the “new normal” of a family of four. (It’s about time.)

Other differences in our boy (versus our girl):  we have hope that he may be able to successfully navigate our home without bumping into every wall and slight obstacle along the way. His physical development has been leaps and bounds ahead of hers at similar ages.

We also finally discovered why we owned baby toys. For most of her babyhood, Leyton would simply look and blink at any toy you attempted to interest her in. For months now, Bowen has been actively engaged in playing with any toy he can get his hands on. So, even though it’s a pink hippo in a tutu he’s stuck playing with, we’re happy to see all the toys we had the first time around finally being put to good use.

He is a grabber. This is something new too. The boy has spilled drinks, scattered papers, and everything in between, because we were holding him too close to anything he could get his hands on. I’m a little bit concerned about what this means for our future as far as “getting into things”. I feel like it’s going to be a brand new ball game.

Everything goes straight to his mouth. This was another “baby” thing we pretty much avoided with Leyton. I’m not sure whether it was an actual large motor skill/coordination thing with her, or if some babies are simply more drawn to put things in their mouth, but that’s the first place he heads with anything he grabs. (Which, see above, is a lot of stuff.) My fear here is that he’s going to be like my youngest brother, who at age 8 (no joke, y’all), we were still trying to keep him from putting random things in his mouth.

So anyway, that’s a little on life lately at the Leister lair (I’m a sucker for some good alliteration).

We sure are enjoying these two.

IMG_1152 IMG_1153



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