The circle of life

by Katie on May 17, 2016

Let me preface this by saying we do not intend to raise a completely callous child with her mother’s “cold black heart” (according to her father). But at the same time, we live on a farm (where there are daily birds and bees/circle of life occurrences) and we hunt (so Bambi is hanging all over our walls), and because of these two things, we talk about the food we eat and where it came from.

Fish tacos? Daddy went fishing, caught a bunch of fish with his fishing pole, brought them home in the boat, and we got to cook and eat them.

Deer steak? Mama went hunting, killed the deer you see in the middle of the office wall, and now we get to eat this tasty steak.

Which is exactly what we were doing a couple weeks ago, when I posted a video on Instagram of Leyton saying, “This deer steak is YUM-MY.” All on her own, y’all. Well, the first time she said it was all on her own, but I did grab the camera and ask her, “What did you just say?” because some things like that just need to be repeated and documented.

Now, later in our dinner, she did ask, “But why did you kill this deer, Mama?” So we had a chat about that.

Brandon worked late that night and didn’t make it home until she was in bed that night, but she rode with him to the farm the next morning. Right before they left, he asked her about her yummy deer steak.

“Mama KILT that deer, Daddy! She did a good job!”

And then she looked at me and said, “That was a good kill, Mama! Gimme a five!”

Looks like we may have a little huntress on our hands…


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