I love Jesus so much

by Katie on April 6, 2016

Between Christmas and Easter mixed with some newfound curiosity and understanding, we’ve been getting a lot more questions about Jesus lately. Which makes us happy, takes us by surprise, and leaves us stumbling through age appropriate answers, all at the same time.

Right before Easter, Brandon relayed this conversation he had with our girl:

“Daddy, why did Jesus die on the cross?”

“God sent Jesus to die on the cross so you could live in Heaven one day.”

“I know. I love Jesus so much. I’m so glad he’s here.”

Which may have been one of our most favorite parenting conversations to date.

I had a much more humorous recent conversation about Jesus and faith when I was posed this question in the car one day:  “Mama, if Jesus is always with us, are we driving on Him right now because he’s under the car?”

I just let her know Jesus was probably with us inside our car, rather than under it…



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