Being sneaky

by Katie on April 7, 2016

Ironically, just after a sweet post on how our darling three-year-old is talking and asking more about Jesus these days, I follow it up with a tale like this.

Last Friday morning, Leyton and I made cake pops together with a little kit we had that came with the cake mix, frosting packets, and a little clear package of rainbow sprinkles.

Our girl LOVES her some sprinkles.

If you have ever made cake pops, you know there are quite a few steps (and quite a bit of time) involved before you get to the sprinkles. So, the whole time we were mixing the cake, baking the cake, cooling the cake, crumbling the cake, mixing the cake with frosting, making the cake balls, putting the stick on them, and chilling them in the refrigerator, Leyton was constantly asking if it was time to open the sprinkles yet. So for a couple hours, all I heard about was the little package of sprinkles. During the last step of chilling our pops before we frosted – and sprinkled – them, I was busy with something else and not paying attention to my daughter who was actually playing quietly (which despite what one might think, is actually never a good thing).

Pretty soon, she comes up to me with big eyes, places the packet of sprinkles on the table in front me, looks up at me, and says, “Mama, I was being sneaky and I took these sprinkles to my room.”

I somehow kept my composure through her little confession, and proceeded with the best parenting I could muster to help teach through that moment with grace (which does not always happen, let me assure you).

Later, when I was recounting the events to Brandon, we agreed it was encouraging to see her little guilty conscience coming through.


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