The queen of dress up. And underpants. 

by Katie on March 30, 2016



As evidenced above, if there is anything our girl loves, it’s a little dress up play. I’m not even sure if it’s the dressing up she loves so much as the changing clothes.

At any given moment, her room looks like you would expect a teenage girl’s to look right before her first date.

And mixed in with the tutus, pajama pants, princess shoes, hats and tiaras?

Is a pair of princess underwear accompanying every wardrobe change.

It’s actually a bit of a problem, and frankly, drives her mama bonkers.

But she feels the need to fully get into character, from matching the corresponding Anna underwear with that particular princess dress to only wearing her blue shoes with the Snow White dress. Minnie Mouse shirt? Minnie Mouse underwear. Decide to be Elsa 45 seconds after getting fully dressed (down to green shoes) in the Anna dress? Elsa underwear.

She once, no joke, wore and discarded nine pair of underwear in a mere 45 minutes.

We’ll either have to find a compromise or she’s going to be doing her own laundry at 3.5. Which I’m not opposed to.


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