Santa fail

by Katie on March 13, 2016

I know. Santa came nearly three months ago. But I remembered this little detail of our Christmas morning this weekend when one of the Easter bunny’s basket stuffers arrived via Amazon Prime. So it’s relevant. Kind of.

Let me preface this with the fact that we had a lovely Christmas this year. Probably the best one yet.

We try to keep the gift portion of Christmas pretty tame around here to keep our hearts focused on the reason for celebrating. Leyton receives three gifts and a stocking. This year, she did get on pretty big gift, but it was really a gift to ourselves, so we let it slide. She got a little kid trampoline that we can send her out to burn some energy in (hence the “gift to ourselves” – particularly handy with a new baby brother in the house), a giant magnet board with letters and numbers, and a (nearly) full set of Disney princess magiclip dolls (which are the best invention ever for parents of small children who love to undress and redress their dolls 500 times in the five minutes they’re playing with them before moving on to something else).

Her stocking contained a couple containers of play-doh, a toddler devotional, a big sister book, and a little pouch with a few fake makeup compacts.

So, we’ll start with the good stuff. Upon finding the makeup in her stocking she exclaimed, “MAKEUP! I always wanted makeup for Christmas!” Which was a pretty magical moment.

Score one for Santa.

Santa had selected the full set of magiclip dolls that contained all the princesses she had ever talked about, then intended to purchase Anna and Elsa separately to go with them (The set that contained Anna and Elsa didn’t have a Snow White. What is a Disney princess collection without a Snow White!?). Anna was purchased and included, but the price on Elsa kept going up to about three times the price of Anna. So Santa backed off, thinking surely it would fall again before Christmas.

Not so much…

And no way was this Santa paying nearly half the price of the full set of princesses for one Elsa. So Santa made the executive decision to just go with what he had and maybe sluff off Elsa to the Easter bunny or something.

But you want to know what our almost three-year-old had to say after we opened all the packaging and she had nine other princesses sitting in front of her?

“Where’s Elsa!? I need Elsa! Where’s the Elsa?” Truly flabbergasted at the fact there may not be an Elsa.

Score negative five for Santa.

But you know what? After playing with those princesses a couple times, and telling everyone how she didn’t have an Elsa in that first week or two after Christmas, she eventually let it go and hasn’t mentioned her since.

The Easter bunny is still going to score big time and complete that princess set with an Elsa magiclip in her Easter basket…



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