A dragon told me

by Katie on March 30, 2016

I brought the kids (it’s still surreal to use that word in plural form) home from Texas yesterday morning. 

[It was Bowen’s first flight and trip to Texas, but more on that later…maybe.]

Since we had been away a few days and had to make a trip to the farm to deliver pay checks to employees that afternoon anyway, we stopped to play and visit with Brandon’s parents and then his grandma. 

Leyton found a Cabbage Patch doll at GaGan’s house that she affectionately named “Dolly Dolly”, toted around while we were there, and then announced she was bringing her to eat with us when it was time to sit down for supper. 

“What is Dolly Dolly’s favorite food?” GaGan asked. 

Leyton pondered this for several seconds, then responded, “To-MAH-toes,” in the matter-of-fact way only a toddler can. 

For the record, no one we know says to-MAH-toes. 

“To-MAH-toes!? Who told you that word!?” I asked. 

“A dragon. Yep, he did. A dragon told me that. But it was a nice dragon, not a mean dragon, and he told me that.”

We are truly never prepared for some of the things that come out of this kid’s mouth. 


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