Baby brother’s house

by Katie on January 1, 2016

Wow. All I have to say is thank goodness for autofill password memory. If not for that, I’m not sure I would have been able to log in to my own blog. Which is sad, but for good reason. We may have been quiet on here for most of the year, but we’ve lived lots of life, that’s for sure.

We’ve watched our precious baby girl grow into an almost three-year-old little lady, and let me tell you, we are so incredibly blessed to have had a front row seat for that. She officially passed up her Uncle Mason in her language skills this year. Which, I know, the standards for comparing what Brandon has dubbed as “swamp speak” to actual English may be on the low end of the spectrum, but she continuously blows us away with things that come out of her mouth. But to assure you she is properly balanced and remaining somewhat humble, she’s still consistently running smack into walls and adds plenty of zig zag to a straight-shot run. In short, we are proud parents and couldn’t love her more.

We survived another year of farming and our second season of Farm Patch, and were continuously blessed by the alfalfa hay market and our loyal customers. It’s almost hard to believe how far our little farm has come in eight years, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it.

And we spent the better part of the year preparing for the arrival of our new family member. While the preparation is much more evident in our hearts than our home this time around (At T minus ten days to due date, there is not an assembled crib, paint samples are splattered across three of his four walls, and our bags are maybe half packed…Leyton was born five days early if that says anything about our lack of urgency).

Leyton talks about her baby brother all day long, and we couldn’t be more excited to experience how she transitions into her role as big sister. When Leyton was born, I was most looking forward to watching Brandon meet her. With Baby Brother (yes, we are also continuing our tradition of indecisiveness in naming our child), I am most looking forward to watching her meet him. Initially, we were more than nervous about how she would handle things, but she has mostly replaced all those feelings with encouragement and anticipation.

It is evident she is more “over” this pregnancy than her mama is, though. I feel like she’s at the “let’s actually do this or stop talking about it” point. She’s recently been saying things like, “Look Mama, that baby came out of its Mama’s belly,” when we see small babies in stores. And one evening last week, I caught her unloading the bathroom drawer that has stored all the baby bath towels since we stopped using them for her. When I asked her to please stop, she said, “But maybe if we get out Baby Brother’s stuff, he’ll come out of your belly.” I mean, you have to appreciate the logic there.

So, like I said, we’ve been pretty encouraged by all the sweet things she’s been saying about his arrival. She often talks about how she’s going to hold him and love on him, and it’s honestly just the sweetest.

I was sitting back, enjoying one of these sweet little monologues a few weeks ago, heart melted and all, when she abruptly wrapped up her little story about helping take care of Baby Brother with, “And then, when Baby Brother goes home to his house, we can go visit him!”

Um, what? It was seriously like one those scenes in a movie where there’s happy little music playing and then the “cut tape” noise blares in and everything suddenly stops.

“Sweetheart, Baby Brother is going to live here in our house, with us.”

“No, he’s not. He has his own house. But we can go visit him if we want.”

Uh oh. Granted, maybe our lack of physical preparation for our poor second child hasn’t helped things…

So we’ve been spending more time in Baby Brother’s room lately, as disastrous of an area as it may be. I thought we were maybe past the whole idea he would live elsewhere, until bedtime one night last week.

Our sweet little girl has kind of an obsession with wolf books at bedtime. More often than not, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs are her top bedtime story choices. You would think these would be mildly disturbing for a toddler to hear right before being left to go to sleep, but she’s a fan.

As we finished up our bedtime routine, she looked up at me and said, “Maybe the three little pigs can build Baby Brother a house?”

Bless her. And bless us if she still has notions of Baby Brother living anywhere other than the room right next to hers whenever he decides to arrive…you know, any day now.


Happy New Year, from our divided little home to yours.



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