Turkey bacon

by Katie on August 14, 2015

For the past I don’t even know how many months – maybe even more than a year now? – I’ve eaten a link of chicken sausage diced with two eggs and half an avocado for breakfast on the days I go to the gym.

I recently became ready to change things up a bit, and decided to try turkey bacon instead of sausage. Why the turkey bacon? I love good ole pork bacon as much as the average all-American man, let me assure you. And we still buy plenty of it. But for a pre-workout meal, turkey bacon had the appealing factor of significantly less grease to sit on your belly. A much safer bet.

Y’all. I hid that turkey bacon from Brandon for more than a week, just to avoid all the chastising over it.

Then, I spent one afternoon out shopping when I had to drive across town to pick up my bridesmaid dress for his sister’s wedding. And he had to feed himself supper. Which led to no less than seven calls to me, let me assure you. During his quest to track down a suitable supper, he found my bacon. I received a text picture of it with the caption, “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!”

In case I was dumb enough to attempt to feed it to him. (I’m not.)

I plead my case for the turkey bacon, but to no avail.

Fast forward a week, and Brandon, at the urging of a couple friends and on the tail-end of a couple rough days, tried a workout at my gym. Exactly one hour after he mowed down a giant, greasy, fast food cheeseburger from Culver’s. It took him an entire hour to recover afterward.

But you want to know what he said to me the next day, “I know why you eat turkey bacon now.”

So, at least I can eat my bacon in peace. Even though it took his near-death to reach that conclusion.


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