by Katie on August 10, 2015

In trying to do all we can to lay the groundwork for Leyton’s acceptance of our new family member come January, we talk about “the baby” pretty often. Clearly, she knows where the baby is and what the baby is doing. But we also talk about things like what the baby will do when he/she gets here, if we’re going to have a “boy baby” or “girl baby” (Leyton insists she is having a baby sister, NOT a baby brother…so we’ll see on that), and some ways she can help take care of the baby like she does her baby dolls (thank goodness, we have just recently crossed over from punching dolls in the face and throwing them across the room to actually caring for them).

Anyway, over the weekend, Brandon’s grandma met us over at the farm and we all took a little dip in the pool and had some quick bratwursts for supper. When we were headed in the pool gate, Grandma Mary told Leyton how much she was growing right now.

Leyton quickly exclaimed (with facial expression to match), “I’m not growin’! The baby is growin’ in Mama’s belly!”

And then she looked up at me, “Am I growin’ too, Mama?”

Yes, Sister. Unfortunately, you’re growin’ too.


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