Solving a world crisis

by Katie on July 25, 2015

Last weekend, we took a day trip two hours north to spend the day with some friends who were renting a vacation home there for the week. It was a summer day Brandon actually didn’t have to be at work, and when you live in the middle of the desert and have any chance to escape to the mountains for cooler temperatures, you don’t pass it up.

The couple we were visiting have a two- and four-year-old, so we suspected Leyton would play fairly well with them, but were prepared for normal toddler “It’s mine!” behavior as well. And also maybe praying a little that our kid wouldn’t walk in the door and immediately begin bossing everyone around. Because y’all, if there’s one personality trait we have for sure around here, it’s bossiness.

I’m afraid that’s just the personality we’re stuck with, so we’re just trying our best to make it a “polite bossy,” or at least pretending such a thing may exist. What this means is requesting our child repeat every sentence she speaks to turn it into a question with a “please” rather than a command. Most of the time, for me anyway, all it takes is “a look” to get her to rephrase whatever bossy thing just came out of her mouth.

Anyway, we were a little relieved when we arrived and found the four-year-old little girl she would be playing with had her own little bossy streak as well. Not in a bad way at all, just another strong personality, which made them perfect medicine for each other.

The day actually went amazingly well, with no toddler drama, and the girls had a blast together (along with a super sweet two-year-old little brother who kind of tagged along behind the crazy girls, bless his heart). In fact, it was all fun and games until Leyton decided she wanted to take the other girl’s Elsa (from Frozen, if you’re not familiar) doll out into the rain to play with them as they danced in a little summer storm. In typical fashion, she marched up to me and informed me that was what she was going to do. And I informed her right back that she needed to ask her friend if that was okay, since the doll didn’t belong to her.

And, justifiably, the little girl told Leyton she’d rather not have her beloved Elsa doll out in the rain. Totally polite about it, but firm in her stance.

Leyton’s response?

A double blink…

And then, “I have to.” With a stricken, blank, determined face.

So, we had a little chat about listening to our friends and eventually got the Elsa doll back inside to dry ground and safety. But not without resistance, let me assure you.

Needless to say, we’re still working on the whole “not getting your way” thing around here.


Which leads me to my point…

Due to all this sassiness, and the fact there are approximately two people in Leyton’s life (Brandon not included) who don’t just go along with her every whim, Brandon has been saying, “The world cannot handle her being an only child,” for quite some time now.

So, we’re currently doing our part to solve a world crisis:

Big Sister Status, January 2016


Sounds like we still have some work to do on her role. And also further proof of the “strong personality” we’re dealing with.


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