Out of the mouth of babes: 5

by Katie on July 9, 2015

Apparently, this space is just going to turn into one long commentary of “things my kid is saying these days”. But that’s okay. Because you know what? Every time I sit down to write these out I always wish I kept a better list somewhere instead of relying on my memory or my text message thread with Brandon.

Without further ado, here are some (but certainly nowhere near all) of the notable things Leyton has said lately:

  • “Dixie, you’re makin’ me nervous! Stop that, Dixie, you’re makin’ me nervous! Mama, Dixie’s makin’ me nervous!” (About our dog, digging holes in the yard.)
  • “Mama, you’re not listening to me right now!”
  • “I’m pretty.” “Yes, you are, sweet girl.” “Yep, I am.”  …Pretty much any time she is fully dressed with accessories. And anytime she has on princess shoes and clip-on earrings, regardless if any clothing is on her body. No lack of confidence around here.
  • After what I’m pretty sure would classify as one of the easiest potty trainings, we’ve had a long-standing problem with her reverting back to only “taking care of business” when she had a pull-up on in her bed. We’ve recently turned a huge corner in the past couple of weeks, but still celebrate potty victories with all the fanfare they deserve – and a few M&Ms (because let’s face it, no parent is above a little bribery rewarding). We were celebrating such a victory just a couple days ago, and in all the excitement, Leyton felt it appropriate to share some of the accolades. “Mama, you poop in the potty too! Good job, Mama, good job! You want some M&Ms too?”
  • We were driving home from the sitter’s house this week when she started making weird grunting noises out of nowhere while we were discussing her day. I, naturally, asked what in the world she was doing that for. “I’m whinin’ at you, Mama. Because you hit me in the face. My cheek is pink.” For the record, I did not, nor would I ever, hit my child in the face. Let’s hope she doesn’t tell crazy stories like this out of the blue in public. Mercy.
  • We took away her pacifier almost two weeks ago. Which deserves an entire post on its own. That is, if I wanted to relive any of it prior to the past two days. She’s only ever used them to sleep, it’s not like she was walking around with it all the time, but it was still pretty traumatic. For all of us. Anyway, we turned a corner in the whole ordeal around the end of last weekend. Monday night, I was solo for bedtime, and we had gone through the whole routine of what all we were going to do before bed several times before we began, then went through the remaining steps after each one we completed. Finally, we had just finished brushing her teeth, and she started to whimper a little bit as I picked her up for a few snuggles. I asked what was wrong and she about broke my heart when she said, “I’m just really sad, Mama,” choking back a few tears. She knew we only had the potty left before bed at that point, and it made me want to cry a little bit too.
  • As she often does, she mentioned in the car one day she wanted to go to the airport to fly to Texas. I told her we didn’t have a ticket to get on the airplane that day. “We can buy one,” she said, “We can buy the airplane.” “We can go buy a ticket for the airplane?” I asked/corrected. “No. We can just buy the airplane.” So I put in her request with her daddy.
  • Her sitter’s older kids are home for the summer, so she’s added new phrases like, “Super awesome!” and “That’s pretty cool,” to her vocabulary.


Last night, after checking on Leyton before bed, and finding her practically covered by a giant book she had laying open across her, with her hands still on the pages, I told Brandon that parenting makes you want time to stop and skip, all at the same time. I am so looking forward to seeing the person she grows up to be, but if I could freeze most of the moments of having a 2.5 year old, I would do it in a heartbeat.


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