by Katie on July 31, 2015

So, in case you aren’t privileged (or cursed, depending upon how you feel about overgramming cute toddlers) enough to follow either of us on Instagram (@rocker7wife, @rocker7farms), you may have missed this gem from a few weeks back. We each posted a short clip, but the entirety can be found here:

And if you don’t like to get too philosophical, you should probably just replay the cute video and not read beyond this point. Because I most definitely am going to talk about how watching my daughter twirl in the mirror in that short 30 seconds felt like one of my biggest parenting victories yet.

Since the day we first found out we were blessed with a daughter, it has weighed heavily on my heart to raise her up confident in herself, her body image and her worth to the One who matters, along with an understanding of what true beauty is. Because it’s not skin deep, that’s for sure. But do I want my daughter to think/know she’s beautiful, on the inside and the outside? You bet. With every fiber of my being. And if the video above is any indication, I’d say we’re on the right track around here.

While I do hope she doesn’t share her self-love with such gusto in front of her peers in the future, I honestly also hope it’s always something she possesses. And that the same little girl who can dance in front of the mirror exclaiming her beauty at two, can do the same at 12. And 22. And 42. And 72.

The role we have as her parents in developing and encouraging that is not lost on either of us, but she’s already reminding me the slightest things, over time, can become big. And that little eyes are always watching and learning, in moments we hope they are or not.

About a week or so after this video, we were driving home from who knows what kind of errands, and when we reached our driveway, I flipped down the mirror in my visor to, in full disclosure, inspect a blemish I had noticed earlier. I had barely even glanced at my reflection when a tiny, tender voice I didn’t even know had been watching my every move in that moment, piped up from the backseat and uttered these sweet words, “You’re beautiful, Mama. You look beautiful.” And that very instant, without a second glance, I flipped that mirror back up and thanked my little admirer and encourager for her kind words. Let’s face it, I likely had on sweaty gym clothes, no makeup and second-day hair. Oh, and that blemish I had intended to take a look at…a far cry from feeling “beautiful” myself. But those are the exact moments I want my daughter to know she is beautiful.

Because she is.

Sing it, Sister. Always.

Sidebar:  My very favorite part is when she launches into the remix version at the end.


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