Out of the mouth of babes: 4

by Katie on June 1, 2015

I know I’ve said this every time, and if you don’t share a little bit of DNA with our daughter, you’re probably well over it by now, but she keeps us astounded with things that come out of her mouth.

She’s ventured into the world of storytelling already, and I wish I could recall one she spent five minutes telling me in the car a couple weeks ago, but at the time, I was spending just as much concentration focused on the development required for her little brain to be accomplishing such a story as I was on the story itself, so it completely escaped me when I went to recall it later. To be clear, I’m not talking about the kind of “storytelling” that’s really a lie. I mean, she does that too, but that’s not really a behavior point we’d like to focus on. This is telling an actual story, where some kind of character does some kind of thing.Virtually the same thing happened with another story a few days later when we were at the dinner table, and Brandon was getting to experience his first story. But neither of us can recall what that one was about either, because smack in the middle of it, when I suppose her brain was working too fast for her mouth, she paused and said, “But…you know…So, uummm…” And neither of us could contain our laughter after that.

Over the past week, I noticed she picked up the phrase, “Ta-Daaaaa!” Which is equal parts endearing as it is scary.

We made a trip to the store a few days ago, and I was putting away all the groceries when Leyton came prancing into the kitchen in princess heels, clip-on earrings and a winter hat (an ensemble she calls “fancy” and “beautiful”). “What are you doin’, Mama?” “Just putting all the food away, Baby Girl.” (I know, I’ve got to quit calling her that – I’m even annoyed.) “Oh! That sounds fun!” …I sincerely hope she still thinks that at age eight.

Just over the weekend, she and Brandon were tossing a ball in the living room, and there was one time she threw it straight into the ground, rather than over to him. “Oh! I didn’t throw that very well.” She has since used the “very well” phrase, appropriately, two more times since then. I cannot tell you the joy that brings to my heart. It’s probably a bit ridiculous.

Lately, when we tell her we love her, she’s been responding, “Thank you,” quite a bit. Makes me laugh every time.

Also, she’s getting better at the whole yes ma’am/no sir thing. Which is nothing short of a miracle, since home is the only place she hears those things out here in the desert, where we’re closer to California than Texas. She recently went through a two or three day phase where she used it unprompted probably 80% of the time, but only said “Sir.” So I happily responded to “No sir, I don’t want it,” for days without correcting her, because I would start laughing before I would think to correct her. I mean, close enough, right?

Oh, and one last gem from yesterday. We were driving home from going to church and dropping off lunch for Daddy at the field, and passed by a pen of horses. She said, “I still want a horse, Mama.” “Oh, you do?” “I do.” Please, Child, I beg you, do not say that to your daddy. Ever. Because Mama really doesn’t want to feed a horse every day. Also, I’m not sure where she got “still” from, because to my knowledge, she’s never come out and told us she wanted one to begin with.

Anyway, those are just a few highlights of what it’s like to spend a day with Leyton Leister right now.




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