We are fam-i-ly

by Katie on May 20, 2015

In case you found your way to this page and don’t know (highly unlikely as it may be), I am the oldest of four siblings. Four siblings who, for the past three years, have lived in opposite corners of the state of Texas, along with me in Arizona.

My sister and her family live in deep South Texas (aka, Mexico). My oldest little brother lives in West Texas (as in, literally as close to me as he is home, but also, the northern part of Texas because Texas geography really doesn’t have that much to do with geography at all). And our baby brother lives at home with our parents in Southeast Texas (which, again, due to Texas geography is not anywhere near my sister in South Texas).

The true baby of the family in every regard, Mason is a wild card, a Mama’s boy, and has the most tender heart of any of us, even if he pretends to be a tough guy. Due to our geographic distance from each other and our various schedules with helping run a business, running a large family and being an involved college student (respectively), we haven’t all been in the same place at the same time since Mason graduated from high school last June. The real tragedy of this is that the next generation of our four toddler cousins (Leyton and my sister’s three) haven’t seen each other since then. They FaceTime often, but haven’t had play time.

Anyway, good-hearted Mason decided he was going to fix that this spring, and made it his mission to fully plan and execute a big crawfish boil for us, our extended family, and a few of his close friends. Let me tell you, it was no small feat to get this crew together, and I ended up changing purchased plane tickets three times, but by golly, he made it happen.

Nana set up a toddler oasis under the carport, where they had a shaded area with their personal tent campout area made from pallets and complete with kid-size camp chairs, a sand station, baby water pool with a slide that Leyton went down no fewer than 1.3 million times, and a little pebble pool, for plenty of sensory activity. They had an absolute blast, and we only broke up 37 fights over the course of the weekend.

We feasted on the delicacy of the swamp Saturday, and all watched my parents sing in the church choir Sunday, where no toddlers had to be wrangled out of the church service (a miracle in itself). And afterward, we took our first family picture in who knows how long. Granted, Brandon is missing because he’d had a big fishing trip booked for months on the weekend we ended up having to schedule this gathering, and Addison was asleep so you can’t see her face, but it’s about as close as it gets for this many people from that many places. And I think everyone’s face may be visible at some point across these three takes (except Addison’s of course):

Boyer Family




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