Rock-a-bye Daddy

by Katie on May 12, 2015

So, over the weekend, we let Leyton go to bed with Brandon one night. We don’t do the kid sleeping in our bed thing at our house, but it was the weekend, Brandon was going to bed extra early from being out all night baling hay the night before, and she asked very sweetly.

One of the reasons this typically doesn’t take place at our house is that our girl doesn’t go to sleep easily in this scenario. For most kids, climbing into their parents’ bed and snuggling calms and relaxes them and they conk out. Ours? It’s like our sheets are laced with sugar or something. She gets wired, and if she does eventually fall asleep, it is after hours of talking, singing, poking, shuffling pillows around to be just so, flipping and flopping. It’s kind of miserable, so aside from the fact that we don’t really want to share our bed, we avoid it because no one gets any sleep.

So, on Saturday night, when we agreed to let her go lay down with Daddy, we told her Daddy was very tired, and if she sat up in the bed or moved at all from her spot in the pillow, she was going to her bed.

Twenty minutes later, Brandon called me into the room. I suspected it was to take Leyton to her bed, but it was just to take her to the potty – and then bring her back.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked. “Don’t you want to get to sleep?”

“Yeah, I know,” Brandon said. “But she’s being really sweet, and she did exactly like we told her – she didn’t flinch except to rub on my arm a little. And she sang me ‘rock-a-bye Daddy’. It was so sweet. How do I send her to her bed after that?”

“What? She just started singing that to you? You weren’t singing to her?”

“No, we were just laying there, she started rubbing my arm, then started singing really quiet, ‘Rock-a-bye Daddy, Baby…’ Then after a couple times, she belted it out a time or two. It was the sweetest thing. And she’s being good. Just bring her back.”

And that’s how I ended up waking up on Mother’s Day in a bed full of my favorite people, with the sweet, slumbering little girl who made me a Mama sharing my pillow.

I’m not complaining, that’s for sure. And obviously, neither is Brandon. If he weren’t already wrapped around her finger, that little lullaby sealed the deal.

But Sister was back in her bed Sunday night. Because in truth, there’s no amount of sweetness that’s going to make sleeping with a toddler a regular occurrence around here.


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