Awww, biiiig booty

by Katie on May 6, 2015

One of Leyton’s favorite things to do in this world is “play tent” with her daddy. They get in our bed, completely destroy the covers, and “hide” in the sheet tent that is basically the only thing left on the bed. And Leyton giggles and squeals with delight the entire time.

They were playing tent last night, which is an excellent activity to wind down for bedtime, by the way. But no one asked Mama about that.

Anyway, in between brushing my teeth and over nighttime activities, Leyton invited me to join them. Which was so very kind of her.

But, when I crawled into the tent, because of the way they already had the king size sheet secured beneath them, it wouldn’t close around my backside.

“Oh no! Mama’s bottom won’t fit!” Brandon exclaimed.

Leyton’s response?

“Get outta here! Get outta here, Mama! Your bottom too BIG!”

Which was so very unkind of her.

But left the two of us dying in laughter.

So that’s the story of how I got kicked out of the tent because my bottom wouldn’t fit.


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