We don’t throw Mickey

by Katie on April 27, 2015

For some reason I can’t explain, I use the term “We do not [blank],” when correcting Leyton.

For example, when she is walking down the hallway banging her open palms on the walls (I can’t explain that either), I say, “Leyton! We do not hit the walls!” Or, on the days (sadly, that is plural) the gym daycare let me know she was hitting other kids, we had lots of talks about how, “We do not hit our friends.”

When we first began correcting her for things that are “against the rules” at our house, I would have her look at me and repeat the “We do not [blank],” phrase. Again, I don’t really know why I did that. It just felt right one day, so I did it, and before I knew it, it was just the norm.

Anyway, I guess she has fully picked up on it at this point, because one day last week when we were leaving for swim, she brought Mickey Mouse to the car. But Mickey didn’t want to sit in the seat with her, nor did he want to sit in the seat next to her (this was all communicated via Leyton, as I do not speak Mickey Mouse). He did, however, want to sit in the very back seat in the car, by himself. So, naturally, like any hurried parent handed a stuffed animal to place in a hard-to-reach spot, I gave Mickey a good toss to his preferred seat in the back.

Leyton looked up at me, bewildered, and said, “Mama, we do not throw Mickey.”

I apologized, then closed the door. When I hopped in the driver’s seat, she looked at me with scorn, and again said, “We do not throw Mickey.”

Noted, Sister. Mickey Mouse will receive only the most gentle treatment going forward.


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