The Leister Easter plague

by Katie on April 21, 2015

You want to know what’s not fun? A house full of a sick little family. For weeks.

Actually, Leyton was only down for a couple days. Which we are thankful for, but two adults with sinus pressure that feels like your whole face will burst at any second are hardly a match for the energy and tantrums a high-strung toddler can produce.

We are all fully recovered now, but it did put quite the damper on our Easter celebrations. I had planned to decorate the day I fell victim to whatever weird sinus virus (I don’t think that’s really a thing, but I don’t know how else to describe what it was) plagued us for a full two weeks, with lingering symptoms a week beyond that. I made it as far as pulling out all my Easter decoration baskets and boxes before the 103 degree fever struck. A fever that did not break for four days. At the end of day three, I gathered the strength to shove all my decorations back in the closet and settled for a less festive Easter home this year.

Making a bunny cake was as festive as it got at our house, and that was only because Leyton asked for cake on the day she felt the worst. But by the time we finished her “pink cake”, this was the only reaction we could get:IMG_7128


Poor thing. I’m telling you, it was not pretty around here.

We did manage to dye eggs. This actually took place on the second day of Leyton’s illness. I mean, this what she looked like for most of the day prior:  IMG_7100

Quite out of character, to say the least.

And while I was kind of dreading the task (Easter egg dying falls firmly in the category of “things that sound awesome to do with kids before you actually have them”. Right next to making Christmas cookies.), Leyton actually surprised us and was pretty into the activity. I am certain this is only due to the fact that she had a 100 degree fever. There is no way we could have contained her in a chair that long otherwise. The only mishap we had was a full cup of yellow dye spilling all over her, but that’s kind of a mess you’re asking for when you place six cups of colored liquid in front of a two-year-old. In other words? I’ll take it.






When you’re cute, sweet and sick, and you ask your sick Mama for pink bunny cake for breakfast, that’s exactly what you get. IMG_7135

Leyton actually had a ton more patience for the egg dying than either of her parents. Brandon joined her at the end, and practically begged her to remove some of the eggs from the cups to be done. She refused.

So, while it’s certainly not ideal, a not-feeling-100% toddler actually made for successful Easter egg dying.

And now that the plague has officially been lifted from our home, and we’re well on our way to being caught back up on life and work, hopefully we’ll be back to business as usual around here.


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