The Easter bunny

by Katie on April 23, 2015

So, this was how our Easter bunny experience went last year:

Leyton 2014 Easter bunny

In light of that, I did not have high expectations for a pleasant experience this year. If anything, I kind of suspected something more dramatic.

I could not have been more wrong. And yes, Dear Husband, you read that correctly – a bold declaration of my admission of incorrect assumptions.

The day was actually pretty magical. One of those moments you have in your head when you’re awake with a newborn at 1am that you know will make it all worth it.

Well, it was magical until about 4pm anyway, when my fever began creeping upward of 100 degrees and I soon found myself unable to move from the couch. But we won’t go down that bummer of a road again.

It all started the day before the Easter bunny visit, actually. I was talking to Leyton that evening about our plans for the next day to go to the park and visit the big Easter bunny. And she was thrilled at the idea.

Daddy came home and asked her if she was going to see the Easter bunny the next day.

“I am!” she said. Then, she looked up at him with her sparkly eyes, cocked her pretty little head, and said, “You wanna come wif me, Daddy? You wanna come wif me to see the Easter bunny.”

And after I mopped him up off the floor, Daddy agreed that yes, while he had not considered it previously, going with his baby girl to see the Easter bunny was exactly what he wanted to do the next morning.

So between Daddy’s hay baling and hay loading, we all met at the park up the street for the big Easter event our town was hosting just as it was kicking off. And this what our time in line to see the Easter bunny looked like:




I know. I can’t handle it. She couldn’t get enough of her Daddy being there with her, and was basically wrapped around his neck the entire time we were in line. Let’s just say he didn’t mind. At long last, it was our turn. Brandon set her down in front of us, probably 15 feet or so from the bunny. And what did she do?

She ran to the bunny, gave his knees (the only thing she could reach) a giant hug, then climbed right up on the bench next to him for this picture-perfect Easter bunny picture, and the sweetest memories for Mama and Daddy: Leyton 2015 Easter bunny


I mean, does it get any sweeter than that!?

We got in line for the toddler egg hunt scramble next, and our girl took off from the start line when they said go. She actually placed a few eggs in her basket, making it her first official egg hunt. And then she demanded we open the eggs on the spot, so her “hunting” was over. She just wanted them open. Smart girl.






Daddy had to head back to the farm after the egg hunt, but Leyton and I stayed for a bit to play. We checked out the petting zoo, where Leyton’s friend (and the local ag teacher) helped her hold a real bunny. She was beside herself. And so was the bunny, trying to escape the death grip of a toddler (not pictured).



After some time on the playground, we rounded the morning out with a scoop of hand-dipped “pink” ice cream. IMG_7094

And then I thought we were calling it a day. But on the way to the car, Leyton caught sight of our local firetruck and the line of kids the firemen were letting onto the truck to check it out. Sister was not going home without a look at that fire truck. While we stood in line in the now blazing sun, I practically begged her to go home, but she wasn’t having it. So, we got on the firetruck: IMG_7097

And she still asks every few days if she can go see the Easter bunny again. He made quite the impression this year.




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