The case of the missing key

by Katie on April 30, 2015

A few weeks ago, we lost the key to the Ranger.

You want to know what Leyton has asked to do since we lost it? Ride the Ranger.

We’re really not sure how it happened. We have a key holder near the front door that holds all our keys (go figure), and the Ranger key was always placed back on the holder. A few weeks ago, Leyton pulled it off the wall. Because that’s what toddlers do.

I replaced it and rehung everything. But that night, we heard a Crash! from our cozy places in bed. I convinced Brandon it was probably dishes falling off the drying rack into the sink so we could just both go to sleep instead of checking it out. [And any robber reading this just found their new target.]

The next day, I discovered it was our key holder. When Leyton pulled it down, it damaged some of the wood around the hanging places, so it’s very sensitive now.

It was just a day later that Leyton asked to go for a Ranger ride, and her daddy happily obliged. But we couldn’t find the key.

Y’all. We moved furniture, took a flashlight to the baseboard on the wall with the key holder, looked through toy bins. It was nowhere to be found. I searched outside near all our play areas, wondering if I had set it down one day after we drove it and Leyton decided to go play (I didn’t tell Brandon that part). I looked through pants pockets. I’m telling you, we took out all the stops. And then finally resigned ourselves to the reality of having to order a new key from a Polaris dealer. Which I’m sure is a quick, easy and inexpensive process. And to add insult to injury, Leyton seriously requested a ride

This Monday, I was in a meeting in our dining area, and glanced over to the wall.

Where, mere inches above where the key holder hangs, I discovered this:


It had been, literally, right above our noses the entire time. And the worst part? I had to have been the person who hung it there (I haven’t told Brandon that part either). I’m sure when I discovered the key holder on the ground, I picked up these keys and hung them on this cross on the wall, thinking it was a quite logical place to hang a key. And then proceeded to completely forget about it a day later when we were searching for said key. I actually still have no recollection of hanging it there. Which is kind of scary.

But, we got a good laugh out of our “missing” key.

And the next day, to Leyton’s delight, I offered her a ride on the Ranger. Which was an excellent plan.

Until the Ranger wouldn’t start.

But she knew exactly what to do. She requested to call her daddy, and when he answered, she said, “Daddy, can you fix the Ranger for me, please?” So I’m sure that Ranger will be ready to go in no time…



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