Wanna come to Texas?

by Katie on March 23, 2015

This past week, Leyton and I made another trek to Texas. The last few trips we’ve made, she has shown so much excitement over traveling and “goin’ see Nana and Papa in Texas!” It’s a lot of fun, but also a little overwhelming to listen to over several days, so I waited until about a day and a half before we left to mention it to her.

We were in her playhouse that afternoon, where she was “makin’ some supper” for me. I asked her, “Hey Leyton, do you want to ride an airplane on Tuesday?” (Not that she knows when Tuesday is; it just means not today or right now.)

And, as we often can, you could literally see her gears turn on and begin cranking. It’s always a little funny to watch, because you can see her processing things for a few seconds, then when she begins talking, her brain is moving faster than she can get the words out, so it results in a lot of stuttering and repetition until all the right words come. We love it.

So, after the required few seconds of processing, she released of barrage of, “Goin’ to airport! Gonna go airport and ride airplane! Goin’ ride airplane to—to—to Texas!”

“Yes, Baby, we’re going to ride the airplane to Texas. That’s right.”

Then, she let out a signature little toddler gasp and exclaimed, “Nana and Papa in Texas! Goin’ go ride airplane to Texas and see Nana and Papa!”

“Yes, that’s right, we’re going to go see Nana and Papa in Texas.”

And I thought it really couldn’t get any better than watching the processing of all that and witnessing her sheer excitement as she put all the pieces together. But what happened to Brandon the next evening was even better.

He was playing with her the night before we left, and he asked her, “Where are you going on the airplane tomorrow?”

The usual pause in conversation took place, complete with a slight head cock and visual display of all cylinders firing in her little brain. Then, her eyes got really big, she let out her little toddler gasp, and said, “You wanna come to Texas wif me, Daddy!?”

Um, slay us both. If Sister wanted a pony, she should have asked right then.

Brandon explained to her he had to go to work, so he couldn’t go to Texas with her. The next morning, he hung around the house to see and play with her before we left for our trip.

As soon as she saw him at home after she got up, she excitedly asked him, “You go work already, Daddy? You wanna come to Texas wif me?”

Daddy’s girl, through and through.



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