The writing on the wall

by Katie on March 10, 2015

Back at the beginning of the year when I was getting my act back together after the haze of the holidays, I added some little checklists to my mirror in the bathroom with a dry erase marker. It’s the only place I always frequent in the mornings and evenings, so it seemed pretty logical to make my little checklists for those times of day there.

I would just take a picture for a visual aid, but writing on mirrors doesn’t really show up all that well on camera. I tried.

Anyway, here are My Lists:

  • AM
    • Get dressed [as opposed to beginning work in my pajamas]
    • Brush teeth, wash face
    • COFFEE [yes, the all caps is necessary]
    • Cook breakfast [let’s be real – some days this is eggs and bacon, others it is peanut butter on toast for me and frozen waffles for my people]
    • Eat breakfast [you would think a girl who loves her food like I do wouldn’t need this reminder, but some mornings get crazy – really, it’s a reminder to eat before the two people I care for get up so it’s not 9am before I have breakfast]
    • Blog post (M/W/F)
    • Start laundry
    • WORK [I usually have a work task or two planned for the morning in my desk planner]
  • PM
    • Layout clothes (Leyton’s, Workout and Day)
    • Pack gym bag (S/T/R) [so I can shower at the gym after M/W/F workouts]
    • Pack Leyton’s lunch (M/W) [for her T/R sitter days – MeMa covers lunch on her Wednesdays]
    • Shower
    • Brush teeth
    • Devotion
    • Plan breakfast
    • Clean kitchen
    • Check calendar
    • Check meal plan [to thaw meat for the next night’s supper]

Obviously, I do not complete my checklist every single day. I do not have things that under control. Specifically the one that says to add a little something to this space on the Internet three days a week. That clearly doesn’t happen. And more often than not, packing Leyton’s lunch gets shifted to the morning list, but my reminder at least prompts me to mentally plan what’s going to go in it so I’m not staring blankly into the refrigerator the next day. The list also doesn’t include some things, like the sweep through the house to grab any stray princess undies or farmer socks or toddler crumbs under the table.

But the days these checklists do get completed? Our days are so much better. Mainly because Mama is so much happier and ready to take on the world when her people get up for the day.

Anyway, these are the things that help make our world go ’round here.

A few days ago, I noticed Brandon had added his own lists to my mirror. They read, simply:

  • BL PM
    • Sleep
  • BL AM
    • Go to Work

And that, friends, is the difference between men and women.


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