The seven year itch

by Katie on March 12, 2015

Several weeks ago, we had already turned in for the night, and out of nowhere, Brandon asked, “Hey, have you ever heard of the ‘seven year itch’?”

“Brandon, everyone knows about ‘the seven year itch’,” I responded.

“I didn’t. Not until this week. I was talking to couple of different people this week and somehow marriage came up and when I mentioned we had almost been married seven years, they both brought up the ‘seven year itch’.”

Indeed, our seventh anniversary is basically just right around the corner, as fast as time seems to be flying these days. And back at the beginning of the year, I had thought of the whole ‘seven year itch’ thing when I first realized this was our seventh year.

But apparently it was a mind-blowing concept for Brandon. Because he kept bringing it up and making jokes about it. You know, just quick little quips here and there like, “You better be careful, I may be getting ‘The Itch’,” and that kind of thing. After which we both laughed because neither of us are getting out of this alive…one way or another.

So after weeks and weeks of these little jokes about the ‘seven year itch’, I finally asked him one day, “Brandon, did you really think you had never heard of the ‘seven year itch’ until recently? That’s crazy. The preacher even talked about it when we went our premarital meeting with him. He even said he went through a little slump around that time where he had to really focus on their foundation in Christ.”

“I have no recollection of him talking about any of that.”

…Which explains a lot of things, actually.

Good thing one of was listening to all the spiritual advice we received before saying, “I do.”


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