Fashion forward. Or backward.

by Katie on March 27, 2015

So, I had a really tough time packing my bag for Texas last week. I mean, when it’s officially Spring, but supposed to be rainy and chilly, it really complicates things. To further add to my wardrobe dilemma, we were traveling on St. Patrick’s Day, which meant I needed to have ample green in my attire, and I was packing for both myself and a toddler in a carry-on bag. Which meant I needed to be able to mix and match everything fairly well. Anyone who has ever dealt with baggage claim at Hobby Airport knows why I would choose to do this when traveling solo with said toddler. It’s the worst. Which is hard for me to say, because I pretty much love every other thing about that airport. [Hello, best security lines ever.]

Anyway, I was fretting quite a bit over what to put in my bag. It didn’t help that I was packing at the last minute because I made myself complete all of my must-be-done-before-vacation work before I even got started packing. So I was headed for panic mode when I desperately sought Brandon’s advice on my wardrobe.

When I first asked, he led in with this:  “I tell you what, if there was ever a time for you to wear all the stuff I don’t like, it’s this trip. And your closet is full of it. So just take all that.”

Which wasn’t helpful. But was true. I had actually already thought of it myself and some things out specifically for that reason.

You see, my closet is, well…a bit eclectic, if you will. For awhile now, I’ve really wanted to be one of those “capsule wardrobe” people. Really bad. But when you own palazzo pants, cowboy boots and TOMs – and love them all – it kind of makes creating a capsule wardrobe and simplified closet a faraway concept.

But back to the packing…

I presented a few options to Brandon, then looked up for some kind of help. Instead, I got a furrowed brow, a long pause, and the words, “You’re not really giving me much to work with here.”


I guess that’s the downside of taking all my clothes he doesn’t like…




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