Daddy fix it

by Katie on March 2, 2015

I believe we’ve established the fact that Brandon is the rock star of Leyton’s life. She seriously cannot get enough of her daddy, and nearly every time she looks at him, you can tell she thinks he totally hung the moon. It may be one of my favorite things about having a daughter. Let me tell you, there is nothing sweeter than watching that interaction between the two people you love most in this world.

Anyway, we found out just how much Leyton thinks her daddy is capable of last week.

Our little obsessive perfectionist (which cracks us up and makes us want to claw our eyes out at the same time) must hold her snack in the bag or wrapper it came in, but loses her marbles if something goes wrong with said bag or wrapper.

So you can imagine how her world came crashing down when this happened to her Goldfish:

Leyton's goldfish bag

After I got her to halfway return to her senses, we were able to have a conversation about her Goldfish bag (which she now refused to eat from – because no Goldfish at all is better than Goldfish eaten from a ripped bag).

Leyton: “My Goldfish bag broken?”

Me: “Yes, Baby, it’s broken.”

Leyton: “Wanna fix it. Wanna fix my Goldfish bag.”

Me:  “I’m sorry, Sweetheart, we can’t fix the Goldfish bag. It’s broken and goes in the trash. We’ll have to put your Goldfish in a bowl.”

Leyton:  “No! Daddy fix it! Daddy come home, fix it! Daddy fix my Goldfish bag.”


I made sure to let Brandon know what kind of expectations were awaiting him when he arrived home…



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