The birthday slide

by Katie on February 20, 2015

I mentioned Leyton acquired a playset with a slide for her birthday. But it is worth noting how that all came about.

First, Sister loves anything outside. Anything. So naturally, it’s where we spend quite a bit of time. In the couple weeks leading up to her birthday, she had been requesting to venture into our neighbor’s yards to slide. Everyday. And everyday, we would go through telling her how the slide wasn’t ours so we couldn’t go use it. And she would look up at us and repeat, “That’s not ours. We don’t have slide.” Because that’s what toddlers do. Repeat. Everything.

After a week or so of that, one evening I was looking through pictures of her cousins with her, because it’s one of her favorite pastimes. We came across a picture of her cousins on a slide. And she looked up at me and said, “Ainsley has a slide.”

“Yes, Baby, Ainsley has a slide.”

“Addison has a slide.”

“Yes, she does.”

And then the killer:

“I don’t have a slide. I wanna slide, Mama.”

“No, you don’t have a slide. That’s right.”

I mean, really. She was two weeks from turning two at that point. And already guilt-tripping us into a slide.

I told Brandon about my slide conversation with her, and I think his reaction was, “No she did not say that. I’m so glad she didn’t say it to me.”

But then, on the next fateful evening, Brandon had her outside roaming and playing while I finished up supper. When they came in the door, he announced, “Well, we’re getting a slide!”

“Oh really?” I asked.

“Yes. We were out there and she pointed over to the neighbors and said, ‘Gaby [one of the neighbor kids] has a slide.’ Then she looked over at the other neighbor’s yard and said, ‘They have a slide.’ Then she looked at me and said, ‘I don’t have a slide. I wanna slide, Daddy.’ So, we’re getting a slide. She doesn’t have to ask me twice. Good thing she’s not asking for a car yet.”

Seriously. That’s how it went down. I didn’t really realize how serious it was until later that night when we were both in the office and he called me over to his computer. I thought I was going to be looking at something work related or some kind of article.


He had three Craigslist tabs open for playsets he had narrowed down his search to include. But as he was showing them to me, he noticed one of them offered delivery.

“Done,” he said.

And done it was. Two days later, we had a playset – with a slide – sitting under our barn.

And that’s how the birthday slide came to be.

She does love it. But y’all? If that’s all it takes to get a playground around here? I need reinforcements to keep this girl under control.


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