Starting her out right

by Katie on February 23, 2015

We had a big Saturday over here. We spent a good portion of the day at Buckeye Ag Day (a little local livestock show to help kids prepare for county fair). This little event was actually Leyton’s very first outing as a newborn two years ago. Let’s just say she was much easier to contain then.

Leyton got to visit her favorite pig there. The oldest son in the family she spends two days a week with has his first show project this year, and Leyton talks about that pig all the time. I’m still not quite sure what the pig’s name is though. If you ask her what it is, she says it’s Oreo. But when she sees the pig, she calls it Cookie. When we walked up to the ring on Saturday, she pointed and shouted, “There’s Cookie! Cookie the pig!” Too bad Leyton won’t get to experience a pig of her own someday…not unless Daddy takes over that project.


Later that morning, she got to enter the show ring herself for the first time for pee wee pig showmanship. By the time she survived being sandwiched in the holding ring with too many kids, big hogs, and one hog fight, she was about as into the pig showing as it looks:




It’s okay. I was a little concerned beforehand about letting her loose with a pig whip near other people anyway. So the fact that she dropped it right before they went into the ring and refused to pick it back up was fine by me. The poor little guy who helped her was such a trooper with her, and tried so hard to get her to participate more. Bless his heart.

And after all that exhausting work, she couldn’t be bothered during her water break with a picture to show off her ribbon. It’s a rough toddler life, y’all.


I am fairly certain Leyton’s favorite part of the day was the dessert auction following lunch. Her daddy had shown up just in time for all that (go figure), and together, they purchased half a dozen cupcakes for the bargain price of $300. (The auction proceeds go toward a scholarship fund for local kids involved in agriculture, of which Brandon was a recipient many, many years ago, so he likes to give back and contribute now.)

Turns out, our girl loves her some auction bidding. She was pretty hyped up during the entire auction, but when she finally got to raise her arm in the air (instead of having one of us swat it down) and holler out, she was really into it.


And it paid off, because she “won” her cupcakes. And we have one remaining $50 cupcake left in the refrigerator if anyone wants it. (And don’t worry, we gave a few away that day too.)


Other than the meltdown when it was time to leave, which was well past our normal naptime, Leyton had a big day and loved every second of it.

Particularly the cupcake.



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