Out of the mouth of babes: 2

by Katie on February 11, 2015

It’s already time for another installment of “What Leyton’s saying” these days. We could just be two really proud parents, but our girl cracks us up with some of the things she comes up with these days, and I want to remember as many of them as I can.IMG_6720

  • “I’m so ‘cited!” Our girl loves to be with people. I think that’s why she gets so disappointed on the days she is stuck with me. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Last weekend, as soon as she got up from her nap, we let her know we were going to her (and our) friends’ house (for the Super Bowl). Girlfriend was beside herself. On the way there, she piped up from the backseat, “I’m SO ‘CITED!” and she’s said it a few times since then when we’ve been going to meet or play with other people (like when we walked into the gym one morning last week. It’s the cutest.
  • “Is it fun!?” Anytime someone does something funny or she’s doing something she likes, she laughs and then says, “Is it fun!?” like some kind of rhetorical question. I know it’s because we have asked her that, and she just hasn’t switched it over to “it’s fun,” but for right now, I love it.
  • “Thank you.” So, this isn’t really a special phrase, and obviously isn’t one she’s coined herself, we’ve just been really happy lately with the way she often offers up a thank you without being prompted for it. Please and thank you were relatively late additions to her vocabulary (considering everything else she was saying at the time), so to hear her say thank you without reminding her now feels like a pretty big accomplishment. And there’s just not much sweeter than a tiny person with good manners. I mean, at least it’s safe for meto take her back to Texas now.
  • “Gimme couple more.” She’s actually only said this once, but we all about died when she did, so I had to note it. It was on her birthday, and Brandon’s family was over for what was basically a “everyone pull out leftover Super Bowl and birthday party food and have a buffet” kind of supper before we had cookie cake and ice cream. Brandon’s parents had brought some shrimp cocktail. We had already learned on our last trip to Texas that our girl is a big fan. But those were fresh Gulf shrimp. Apparently the quality of the shrimp doesn’t matter to her, because she went to town. She had requested more, so I went to retrieve her more shrimp. After I plopped the first one on her plate, she pointed to it, and said, “Gimme couple more.” And after we all finished a fit of laughter, we made her add a “please.”
  • “Eat cake?” These were Leyton’s first words the morning of her birthday. And then, after we celebrated MeMa’s birthday the very next day, they have been words we have heard nearly every day since. What can I say? Girl got her love of shrimp and sweets from her daddy.
  • “Wanna play little bit more.” This has been her bedtime stall tactic with her daddy lately. And since anything halfway sweet out of her mouth melts him into a puddle, it has worked. Basically, we ask her about going to bed, and she just sweetly says, “Wanna play little bit more,” and Daddy is done. She only uses it once though, so after ten more minutes of playing a little bit more, we have a happy bedtime. Exhibit A: IMG_6758
  • “Be careful!” “On my bottom.” I’m realizing right now I should probably tell the whole story of how Leyton ended up with a slide for her birthday. But basically, she asked and she got it. Now, every time she reaches the top of the steps, she shouts down to us “Be careful!” and when she makes her way over to the top of the slide and sits down to start scooting to the edge, she looks for approval and says, “On my bottom.” Yes, Baby. Every time.
  • “Ohmygooooosh!” “Holy cow!” Let’s be honest, I would prefer for my recently-turned-two-year-old to not have these phrases in her vocabulary, but I can’t help but be a little tickled with the way the expresses them – with so much gusto and the perfectly accompanying facial expressions to boot. I’m fairly certain she picked up “holy cow” from the little boy she spends a couple days a week with, but I must say “ohmygosh” a lot more than I thought, because she just said that one for the sitter for the first time yesterday, and she’s been saying it at home for a week or more. Leyton’s vocabulary development has taught me a lot about what I say way too often myself. But really, I should just be thankful she picked up Mama’s “bad word” and not one of Daddy’s. Small victories.
  • “I’m cryin’…” “I’m all done cryin’.” When she’s “hurt” but not really hurt, she will whine/cry, then look at you at say, “I’m cryin’,” searching for sympathy. If she’s actually crying a little about something, when she decides she’s over it, she will whimper out an, “I’m all done cryin’,” before requesting to get down out of your arms.

…And that’s a wrap for this installment.


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