It’s not a blanket

by Katie on February 6, 2015

Well, it has begun.

The days where our child argues/corrects us have arrived.

Last week, I pulled Leyton out of the bath tub, wrapped her up in a towel, and she immediately wanted to “go see Daddy.” How this became a “thing” I do not know. But if Brandon is home, she has to see him for a minute right when she gets out of the tub. I think it may be because he loves it when she’s all clean and used to just oodle over her when she was fresh out of the bath, and in true Leyton fashion, she enjoyed all the attention. So now it’s our routine.

So anyway, we went to see Daddy, who was still eating his supper at the table. As part of his dialogue with her, he said, “Are you all warm wrapped up in your blanket with Mama?”

She blinked, looked at him blankly, and flatly responded, “It’s not a blanket.”

To which we were both like, “Excuse me!? Tiny human! You are not even two! Is this really happening?” Only we didn’t say any of those things out loud. We just looked at each other with open mouths. Finally, Brandon said, “Oh, it’s not a blanket? What is it?”

“It’s my cow towel,” she said. Like, “Duh! Large humans! How are you so incompetent that you do not know the difference between a blanket and a towel? Specifically, my cow towel.” Only she obviously didn’t say all that out loud either. But her tone and the look on her face said it was exactly what she was thinking.

I am certain it will only be by God’s good Grace that we survive age thirteen.


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