Happy birthday, Baby.

by Katie on February 4, 2015

Let’s be honest. I really only used that title because it’s the last time I can. I’m pretty sure that when your “baby” turns two, you have to stop using “Baby” when referring to her. Which means that a few actual tears may, or may not, have been shed over here on Sunday night, after laying my “baby” to bed for the very last time. Which is completely out of character. This Mama-heart stuff gets to you, let me tell you.

However, those tears were quickly forgotten Monday morning when I entered Leyton’s room, lavishing birthday wishes upon her. She just watched me gush over her for a minute or so, then processed all this “birthday” talk, and her first words to me for the day were, “Eat cake?” And I’m not going to lie, I wanted to give her an entire cake right then. Because how precious is that!? But I didn’t.

Anyway, we went about our morning, talking all the while about her birthday and her birthday party we had planned a little later in the morning. When Brandon was talking to her about her party, out of nowhere, she exclaimed, “My friends are comin’!” We really have no idea where she got that, because we hadn’t even mentioned any friends yet. Good thing they were in fact coming though. And of course, we got a “Wanna go eat cake,” a couple more times before we left the house.

In true Katie fashion, I was on top of my game that day. By that, I mean I was on the bottom of my game. Leyton and I made our way to the gym, standard for a Monday, where I planned to shower immediately after my workout, head to Chick-fil-A to pick up the party food, then drive straight to the party at Rocker 7 Farm Patch. Which sounds perfect, right? Except I was so scatter-brained that I forgot I set my clicker on the counter in the gym separate from my bag, and spent five to ten minutes thinking I was locked out of my car and planning how I was going to get Leyton and myself to her own party before I remembered, retrieved the key clicker, and hit the road. Then, when I got to the exit for Chick-fil-A, I realized I had left home without my wallet. Awesome. First, I called Chick-fil-A, explained the situation, and asked if they could take a credit card number over the phone to pay for the order. Because they are Chick-fil-A, they had mercy on me and said yes. Then, because I never know what Brandon is doing during the day or if he may have his wallet on him, I called my mother-in-law, had her give them her credit card information, and I was able to leave with the party food. (I paid her back later, by the way.)

But that was the only slight snafu for the day. The rest of it was pretty magical. She thoroughly enjoyed her party with friends, particularly the jumping pillow and the icing off her cupcake. Several times throughout the day, she shouted, “I have a birthday!” Which just about made my heart burst. And while I was still a little sappy-sad about her turning two, all of her excitement made me giddy for her next birthday, where I imagine it will only be intensified.

For her party, we just had a few toddlers over for playing and jumping and chicken nuggets (and cupcakes), with an “Oh TWO-dles! Leyton Turns Two” theme, based on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – emphasis on Minnie Mouse. Let me be the first to tell you that I swore up and down before Leyton was born that I would never-ever-ever host a character-themed party. The first rule of parenting? Never say never. Because here we are on Birthday Number Two and it was character-themed. I sucked it up for my daughter, who adores Minnie Mouse and was so excited to wear her Minnie Mouse dress her Nana made and eat the Minnie Mouse cake pops her MeMa made. And you know what? It was worth it. So, the second rule in parenting? Get over yourself. It pays in dividends.

I didn’t ask any other parents if their kids’ faces could be on the Internet, so I’ll just share a few family pictures from the party:Leyton birthday party IMG_0958 IMG_0976 IMG_0984 IMG_0986 IMG_0987IMG_1010





IMG_1006  She loved the Happy Birthday Song, and sang it to herself for a good portion of the day.

After a nap and a little bit of work time for Mama, we had the family over that evening for a finger food smorgasbord supper, cookie cake, more ice cream, and to open a few gifts (since we asked for no gifts at her party). Leyton was, once again, thrilled to be celebrated, and pretty much couldn’t get enough of all the attention. I kind of feared what the next couple days would have in store for us as we came down off the birthday high, but she seems to be making the transition back to reality fairly well.

Leyton birthday IMG_1024 IMG_1028 IMG_1030 IMG_1034 IMG_1046


Happy Birthday, Baby.

You are treasured, adored, unconditionally loved, and bless all of us beyond measure with the joy you bring to every day. Mama may be a little teary today, but really, we can’t wait to watch you grow up. You have the best personality and we just know you’re going to do big things, little girl. Above all else, let your light shine, Leyton Dean. Because as much as Mama and Daddy love you, He loves you abundantly more. 






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