Whatcha got cookin’?

by Katie on January 15, 2015

Brandon has been in and out the past few weeks between home/work and chasing deer over on the Indian reservation with his dad.

Several days ago, he had mentioned the night before he would be leaving the next afternoon. So, when late afternoon rolled around, I didn’t think it was a big deal to rearrange my weekly meal plan a bit and get started on the roasted butternut squash quesadillas Leyton and I would enjoy (so good, by the way).

Of course, because no good plan executes perfectly on the farm, he was running a bit late and was going to end up not leaving the house until almost 6pm. Oops. We had leftover meaty potato soup he could enjoy.

When he entered the house at 5pm and I had my cubed butternut squash sizzling away in the skillet, he brisked by on his way to the office and hollered, “That smells really good,” over his shoulder.

It didn’t all process readily enough for me to immediately respond, which meant I had time to ponder the best route.

So a few minutes later when he reentered the kitchen, I casually asked, “Did you say what I’m cooking smells really good earlier?”

“Yeah, I did. And it does,” he said.

“That’s interesting,” I said. “Because it’s a skillet full of butternut squash.”

“No way is that what I’m smelling,” He replied.

Oh, indeed, Dear. Indeed. You just claimed a vegetable smelled appetizing.

Needless to say, Brandon still did not partake in our quesadillas, but I received enough satisfaction over our squash encounter to last a while in this installment of The Great Food Debate at the Leister home.

I will prevail, y’all. I mean, his metabolism has to give out at some point. Right?


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