The day Mama agreed to ditch the mullet

by Katie on January 9, 2015

Our girl has been rocking a mullet for quite some time now. Her hair was growing on top and in the back, but the sides just weren’t catching up. Brandon has been begging for her to get a haircut to remedy the situation. But although I never thought I would be that mom and be a little sad about my baby’s first locks getting snipped off, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Finally, earlier this week, after combing out a nest of after-bath tangles that came to a stringy point in the back, but barely covered her ears on the sides, I resigned that it was time. I sent a text to our family stylist (how awesome is that, right!?) and set up the appointment.

And so, we showed up yesterday afternoon for Leyton’s first haircut:





First, we had to take out the super cute piggies Leyton’s sitter (who is much more talented with hair than her pitiful mama) had fixed her up with, no doubt just because she was embarrassed by the hair she showed up sporting.


The last shot of her tragic mullet: 

When we walked in, I let Miss Janae know that this entire event was either going to go amazingly well or beyond awful. Because that’s how things work with our girl. I don’t know if you call that “high strung” or what, but it’s our life. She is always all-in, one way or another. There is no such thing as middle ground. So I really didn’t know which one to expect, and just hoped for the best.

And we got the best. Because this typically wiggly girl we wrangle to sit down climbed right up in the chair like a champ and enjoyed watching everything in the mirror.



By the time we got to the drying, she was getting restless, but that’s about as good as it gets for a toddler, y’all.


Miss Janae even fixed us up with the finishing touch – a bow, of course: 

And perhaps most importantly of all, Mama survived her baby’s hair scattered across the floor. 

Add another milestone to the books!

Much better, sans mullet: IMG_0686







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