Out of the mouth of babes: 1

by Katie on January 21, 2015

Please bear with me if you’ve had enough of the toddler updates, but since this little spot on the Internet is the only thing our family will ever know as a scrapbook, it is time for me to begin taking some time every now and then to document the funny, charming and otherwise noteworthy things Leyton is saying now.

Some of the best in the past week include the following:

  1. “Good girl, Mama!” I think I’ve mentioned before that our girl enjoys “goin’ fast” every chance she gets. That may be referring to her running across the house or yard, or riding/driving the Ranger, a tractor or just a vehicle. Over the weekend, we were leaving the house, and because there is not more than one second of silence in the car with her, we weren’t a full one-eighth of a mile down our dirt road before she spoke her observation (Because that’s what she does. About everything.), “Mama goin’ down road…Mama goin’ fast down road!” (I was not, however, going very fast at all.) And then, she began clapping and shouted, “Good girl, Mama! Good girl!” And I almost had to pull over because I was laughing so hard. She’s done it a couple more times since then, and I die every time. I mean, how cute is that!?
  2. “It’s Delicious!” Last Saturday night not long after Leyton and I sat down for supper (Brandon was hunting), she was a few bites in, and looked up at me and said, “It’s delicious, Mama! It’s delicious.” In full disclosure, I had to get her to repeat it a few times because I couldn’t figure out what is was at first, nor was I expecting her to be using the word “delicious”. So, by the time I figured it out, she was over it and there was no chance of capturing it on video. But at lunch on Sunday, she did the same thing. And that time, I got it. At least someone around here appreciates meals.
  3. “Go get your jacket on, MeMa.” Last week, I was picking Leyton up from her day with MeMa, and she requested one last trip outside to play with her kitchen on their porch. We all agreed, and I put her sweater on to send her out. She looked back at Brandon’s mom and directed her, “Go get your jacket on, MeMa.” And we were both quite taken aback. That our almost-two-year-old had come up with a sentence that big. And that our almost-two-year-old felt it appropriate to boss around adults like that. Both were quite astounding.
  4. “It’s in the laundry room.” One of her favorite things in the past week has been turning lights on and off, now that she can reach some of them on her own or with the assistance of her step stool or a chair. A few days ago, she stood on her little desk chair to reach the light switches behind my desk. One switch there controls the light above my desk, but she freaked out when the other one (which controls a light in the laundry room behind the door) didn’t seem to work. I explained to her where the light was, and we looked at it. So now, any time she uses a switch anywhere that doesn’t work, she tells us, “It’s in the laundry room!” As if that explains life or something. But hey, it works, and avoids a toddler tantrum.
  5. “I did it!” “I do it!” These two phrases pretty much sum up our life right now. I’m pretty good about letting/making her do things on her own, but sometimes we’re in a hurry and/or I just absent-mindedly do something for her, like reach an item from a counter. When this happens, our demanding little person says, “I do it! I do it!” She then proceeds to undo whatever it is I have done (put the item back on the counter, turn the light back off, etc.) and do it herself. And then, anytime she does/completes anything herself, she is always sure to praise herself with a big, “I did it!” If anyone happens to be near her, she makes sure they know, “I did it, Mama!”
  6. “Hi, Daddy.” “Hi, Mama.” Any time we walk into a room and she sees us, she kind of sings her hello to us, and we both melt into puddles. Something about the way she says it is just the sweetest.

I’m sure I’m leaving out a ton of things she’s said that I wanted to remember, but this is a good start for notables of late.


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