Occupational hazards of a handy husband

by Katie on January 7, 2015

I think I’ve mentioned before that Brandon and I don’t do gifts. That doesn’t mean we never buy things for each other. It just means there is never any pressure like “Oh my goodness, Katie’s birthday is tomorrow I have to go buy a gift or she will be disappointed.”

Um, no thanks. If we come across something the other person wants/needs/would like on a random Tuesday afternoon, we pick it up. If there’s something big we think of and it happens to be close to a special occasion, we give it then. But neither of us ever expect or want anything from the other person, and any gifts are always special surprises. I know our system is not for everyone, but it works in our family and we both really like it.

All that to say…I made a Christmas list this year and gave it to Brandon.

But it wasn’t a list of things to go buy. It was a list of things that I had mentioned or asked him to do around the house over the last six to nine months. Things that, in our house, we refer to as “winter projects”. As in, not during hay season. Too bad for me that in Arizona hay season is February through October. Then November is reserved for hunting. Then wheat gets planted in December…and you can see where this is going.

Needless to say, there are quite a few neglected things this time of year.

One of which was, according to my list, “Replace lightbulbs. Everywhere.”

Because, y’all. There was literally one light bulb burning in every room of house still burning. Literally just enough to get us by.

But my list was ignored. Until, at long last, the very last light bulb in the living room went out at a time when Brandon was in the room and needed it (timing is key). So he went around the house, replacing bulbs in most of the rooms (the rooms and lights he uses on a regular basis, anyway).

And then, a week later, he wanted to do some work in bed. At the same time I wanted to go to bed. And sleep.

So we agreed that he could work in the bed if he used the lamp.

After we both got settled in for this arrangement, he discovered one small problem. The lamp did not contain a light bulb.

Hey, my list said “everywhere”, did it not?

He made this discovery in a rather unfortunate manner though…


Who knew checking to see if a lamp contained an actual light bulb would lead to this?

Not us. Obviously.

Let’s just say his bookwork in bed did not get done that night.


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