Man food

by Katie on January 19, 2015

Brandon has been in and out of town for most of the month so far, off chasing coues deer with his dad on the San Carlos reservation. We had two mass burrito production times:  the first for green chili meat, the second for red chili meat (we’re not even sure if that’s a thing or not, I just suggested we do something to change it up a bit for him). This way, they can just toss a couple burros in their packs and head out for the day, rather than having to worry with making sandwiches at 4am.

During the second burrito production stint, I came to a sudden realization that after consuming double-digit green chili burros, Brandon was headed back out with a pile of red chili burros with full intentions of eating them every day for what could be nearly a week.

“Hey, I have a question for you.” [He always hates it when I open something with that.]

“How can you eat two of these burritos every day for a week in the mountains, but you can hardly eat the same thing more than once anymore at home?”

And he laughed. And admitted he really didn’t have a good answer for that phenomenon in his food consumption. And that my question was valid.

And then, when he has sitting on the mountain the next day, and had some time to reflect I suppose, I received this message:

IMG_6657 IMG_6658


And a few days later, I received this picture of his camp food supper and the accompanying message:


And finally, to really top it all off, after a late afternoon kill and late night hike off the mountain on the final day of the hunt yesterday, Brandon took some time to calculate all of his Man Food over the previous few weeks:



Unfortunately for him, Mama does not have the metabolism that can handle five dozen tortillas in that kind of time frame. Not to mention I happen to enjoy a vegetable or two. Beyond green chili.

So I think the moral of this story for me to take away is this:  Just wrap everything I serve him in a tortilla from now on and we will all live happily ever after.


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