Mama got a Christmas present

by Katie on January 7, 2015

I had to endure the most anti-climatic and disappointing Aggie football season ever this year. As a consolation prize, I think, Brandon rewarded me for my loyalty and cheering for his Wildcats throughout their stand-out, break-out season that culminated in a trip to the Fiesta Bowl, which is played just more than twenty miles from our house.

On Christmas morning, roughly twenty minutes after we concluded all our (Leyton’s) gift opening, as I was making some last minute brunch preparations, Brandon walked by me and said, “You should go look in your stocking.”

All stealth-like. Right. Because I may have missed something when I dug out the pajamas I placed in it myself.

But I humored him. And opened my stocking for a second time. And dug out the piece of paper he had freshly printed off detailing our tickets and pre-game activities for the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Eve.

So Mama got a Christmas present this year.

An all-day football date with her favorite person.

I’ll take it, for sure.

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