I like the way you think, Sister.

by Katie on January 26, 2015

Last week, Leyton and I stopped by the farm after the gym one morning to greet Brandon who had just returned from a hunting expedition.

We unexpectedly had the pleasure of joining him in the cow pasture to round up the cows into the pens. I am sure you can imagine what lovely material graced the soles of our shoes after that little activity.

When we got back to the car to head home, I stopped and removed her shoes before I put her in her seat. (She’s still rear-facing and I really didn’t want her shoes smearing manure across the seat of my car.)

She looked up at me while I was removing her shoes and said, “Have cow poop on shoes, Mama. Have cow poop on shoes.”

“Yes, Baby, you have cow poop on your shoes.”

“Have get new ones, Mama. Have get new ones.”

Sure, Sister. Mama’s not opposed to that in the least.

So it is apparent Leyton has already picked up on quite the shopping logic. I’m okay with it.


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