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by Katie on January 23, 2015

Last night, we both watched the University of Arizona basketball game (Bear Down, way to smoke Stanford). Of course, I “watched” it in between putting Leyton to bed, cleaning up the kitchen and painting my nails. Painting my nails? Yes. One of my big, serious goals for the New Year. I really like to have painted nails, but I kind of hate to paint them, and was terrible this past year about taking the time to do it. So it’s one of the “me” things on my list ot make time for in 2015. I set the bar high, y’all. Don’t hate.

Anyway, during every single time out or break in the game, Brandon switched the channel to one of the outdoor channels in the outdoor package we pay for every month so the one day Brandon watches television every month, he has access to a vast array of outdoor programs. But we don’t pay extra for the Disney Junior channel or Nick Junior (all-day toddler programming), because that would just make Mama’s life too easy to turn on Sofia the First at any time of the day or be able to find Peppa the Pig – ever. (I had to Google which channel showed Peppa the Pig after multiple demands for it to be played on our TV to no avail.) [Also, I realize I just made it sound like we have the TV on for Leyton all day. Which is far from the case. It’s more like some weekday mornings for 15 minutes while she eats breakfast or for the last 20 minutes or so of supper preparation some nights. We significantly limit the amount of “screen time” she enjoys at home.]

But I digress…

So, on one of his channel switches, we cut to an all-too-familiar scene of two dudes in a boat (for who knows how many days of filming to catch “the fish” for the TV show – I mean, let’s be honest here…) holding a fishing pole. Talking about the fish they weren’t catching.

At some point, I asked Brandon, “Please do not tell me you actually find this equally as entertaining as the basketball game.”

“This is educational. I find out what they’re doing, what they’re throwing. It’s research. This is learning, it’s not entertainment,” he said.

Well, excuse me then.

But I’m pretty sure the episode of chicks bow fishing in bikinis that came on next did not fall in the “educational” category. Just a hunch.


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