The FaceTime meltdown

by Katie on November 14, 2014

Back when we were in the thick of making final Farm Patch preparations prior to our opening, Brandon was spending quite a bit of time away from home. This did not make his little fan club president very happy.

One evening, he let me know he was on his way so I could keep Leyton up a few extra minutes to actually see him that day.

Well, I made the mistake of informing our girl that her daddy was coming home. And she proceeded to go absolutely bonkers. Running around, shouting, “Daddy com-in’ home!” Eventually, she made her way to her room, where she picked out a book, and then walked around for the next ten minutes hugging it to her chest, saying, “Daddy home. Daddy read it, Olivia,” over and over. And over.


When he turned onto our street, Brandon called us on FaceTime, just to see what her reaction might be.

Y’all. It was not pretty.

Girlfriend pretty much blew her gasket when she saw him on the phone screen.

She immediately began crying. And screaming. And shouting, “Nooooo! Daddy home! Daddy read it Olivia!” through her tears. It was pretty pitiful.

Now, any other time he has called her, she has delighted in seeing and hearing her daddy. We could only guess that her little brain deducted that if she was seeing him on the phone, he wasn’t going to be home. Her hysterics continued for a solid few minutes until he walked through the door.

And then Daddy fulfilled his duties to “Read it, Olivia.”

IMG_5847 And all was right with her world, once again.

Let’s just say Daddy won’t be using the FaceTime trick again anytime soon.


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