Mini ice cream sandwiches. They get you every time.

by Katie on November 18, 2014

A couple weeks ago, Brandon ran in the house for just a few minutes, and of course rummaged around for a treat while he was here. I heard him get into the freezer, but couldn’t see what was going on from my station in the office.

“This is such a tease,” I heard him say.

Never knowing exactly what my husband may be referring to (I’m sure all men are exactly the same in this department), I asked, “Um, exactly what is a tease?”

“These mini ice cream sandwiches you buy. By the time you taste it, it’s over.”

Which, if I were a man, would have the door wide open for a plethora of inappropriate responses. But since I am not a man, I refrained.

“Well, I’m sorry that mini ice cream sandwich doesn’t satisfy you, Dear. But they’re perfect for Leyton and I to share for a little something sweet.”

Which launched him into another one of his rants about how we only have “toddler” and “hippie” food in our house, not “man” food.

Life with Brandon Leister. Where even ice cream sandwiches can’t escape ridicule.


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