Just when I thought I was running out of material…

by Katie on November 11, 2014

Because he often has impeccable timing, Brandon called home yesterday within minutes of me posting about how he hasn’t been providing blog material lately. And totally redeemed himself.

“Hey, so when I got in your car to use it earlier, I saw all these plastic bags in the passenger floorboard that are like for homeless people or something.”

“Oh, yeah. Those are my homeless care kits I made last year. I put a few in the car yesterday when I had to drive across Phoenix, in case I saw anyone homeless.”

“Well, why do they have things like body lotion and stuff in them?”

“I followed a list online that gave suggestions for what to put in homeless care kits. Everything in those bags was on the list.”

“Well, really the reason I’m calling, is that I drank the bottle of water in one of them. I wanted to let you know it didn’t taste right, so you might want to be careful if you’re giving them out. Oh, and why is there a ten dollar bill in one of them?”

“Because I put it in there. And it’s bottled water so I’m not sure what could possibly be wrong with it.”

“Okay, well, I’m pulling in here to get a haircut and I don’t have enough money on me, so I’m taking the ten bucks too. So you’re missing a water and ten dollars from one of your bags.”

“So…you are stealing from a homeless person?”

“Yes, I am stealing from a homeless person. …Okay then…gotta go.”

And that, my friends, is why you should never count my husband out. Because just when you think he’s not doing anything noteworthy, he goes and steals from a homeless person.




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