Jesus cares about recycling

by Katie on November 21, 2014

So, to kick things off here, we’ll start at the very beginning. (A very good place to start…any fellow Sound of Music fans out there?)

A couple years ago, I read something that made me really convicted to start recycling. Well, between what I read, and the office trash can that I would dump each week full of nothing but paper. What did I read? I don’t remember which Jen Hatmaker book it was in, as I’ve read a couple, but there was one paragraph in particular on recycling that just talked about how the good Lord gave us this beautiful Earth to call home for a little while, and we should do our part in preserving it, out of reverence and service to Him. Convicting, right?

Anyway, so I set out to recycle at the time.

And I eventually found out at the Town of Buckeye – excuse me, the newly designated City of Buckeye – offered recycling dumpsters downtown. Could I load up some plastic, paper and cardboard each week to dump off right on my route home from a run to the post office and bank? You bet. So that’s what I did. Each week, on one of my errand runs, I loaded up all of our accumulated recyclable materials, and dumped them in the handy recycling containers in town.

Until one sad day at the end of this summer.

I had my car literally loaded down with recyclable materials, as I’d missed a week or two in my haul and we’d had an influx of cardboard boxes. I merrily continued my route home, and made my turn down the street to the recycling dumpsters.

Only to find they were not there.

I tried again a couple days later, hoping they were just being dumped that day or something. No luck.

And after a day or two more with a mound of recycling riding around in my car, I finally just put it all in the dumpster at the farm, under a mound of guilt.

And, I just couldn’t let it go. Fully knowing my recycling center was gone, I continued to store our recyclable items in the laundry room. It was a bit on the crazy size, admittedly. Finally, a couple weeks ago, Brandon said out loud what I had been saying to myself for a week or two. Enough was enough. Our “recycling” was out of control. I needed to find a solution. Determined to get rid of it, I loaded it all up in my car, and began some Internet searches for recycling centers. No luck.

Defeated, I decided a couple Sundays ago that I was just going to resort to dumping it all in the farm dumpster again, despite the guilt it produced, to just bring an end to driving around looking like a pack-rat-cat-lady.

I was going to stop at the dumpster on the way home from church. But, Leyton and I went to church that evening (Brandon was out of town), and an entry in the newsletter caught my attention. Turns out, some kind of local paper company had – that very week – placed a brand spanking new recycling dumpster in the church parking lot. To top it off, the youth group received some kind of donation every time it was filled.

I mean, has there ever been a more clear case of divine intervention or the Holy Spirit shining down at a time of need?

I don’t think so.

So, now we fast forward two weeks to me recounting my story to Brandon.

At the end of my, let’s say, animated, tale of Divine Intervention in my recycling issues, I concluded with, “Is that not just an example of the good Lord caring about the little things? Jesus was watching out for me.”

“Um, I think Jesus was watching out for the youth group.”

Well, I think Jesus watches out for all us. And I’m just glad that my recycling, which began under a conviction to the Lord, is all turning right back around to Him in youth group funding.

Just further proof that God does have a sense of humor, in my humble opinion.


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